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The Power of ONE BioCharger NG Session

Last week I was in Dallas, TX at a workshop intensive for business growth.  Eating the typical western diet of airport/fast/hotel & restaurant food with “workshop snacks” sprinkled throughout.  Sitting in a plastic classroom chair during nine-hour days with minimal breaks and walking left me craving my healthy San Diego lifestyle.  I also dearly missed [...]

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What Is Scalar Energy?

Most of the scientific world agrees on traditional energies’ existence.  To sum it up, most energy travels in waves and, when two waves meet, they can cancel each other out, magnify one another by combining into a single, larger wave, or weaken one another as they pass.  There’s just one problem – the model that [...]

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Hearing the Healing Power of Sound

How many times, in the gym, with the right music in our ear buds, could we do just a little more?  How much more enjoyable is the road trip with the right station on the radio?  How much more enjoyable the meditation with the crashing of the surf or the wind in the trees? We [...]

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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy, or PEMF, is a truly revolutionary therapy that has been known and understood for millennia, but the advent of technology has enabled practitioners to bring solutions in ways never before envisioned. So Just What Is PEMF? PEMF applies to the process of directing powerful and controlled pulses of energy [...]

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