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Bio-Well ™ Electro Photonic Imaging


Bio-Well ™ GDV was designed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Federal Research University based on his own research into the Gas Discharge Visualization technique and earlier studies into the Kirlian effect.

Science Fiction or Science Fact?

What does that mean?  Simple.  The actual Bio-Well ™ camera allows you to capture an instant “snap shot” of your health at any given time.  Everyone has had days when they just don’t feel aligned due to poor sleep, outside stressors, or even physical trauma – and with the Bio-Well ™ GDV, users can actually “see” how they feel and begin to understand how that wellness is manifested in their daily lives.

Bio-Well ™ GDV uses the powerful technology of Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)  also known as Electro Photonic Imaging (EPI), to illustrate the state of person’s stress level. When a scan is taken, high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from human skin; imaging technology captures photon emissions given off by the finger.

The result is an image of an electron cloud that is given off during the stimulation and, as a result, the glow of this discharge is captured as a computer image that can be easily reviewed and compared instantly to other days or even before and after other treatments and healing modalities.

While the technology to capture the image has been available for many years, the costs of integrating it were immense.  Today, though, with the development of the software to allow users to “see” a nearly instantaneous image of their health and wellness via computer – and how that compared to earlier scans – Bio-Well ™ allows even a layman to easily access a real-time report on their stress levels and provide a tangible report via the Bio-Well ™ algorithm.  Even better?  This report is an all-encompassing 28 pages of in-depth information that is virtually real-time!

Using the Bio-Well ™ Effectively

The ideal usage of any health monitoring apparatus is regularly.  Just as one would use a scale consistently while dieting, the Bio-Well ™ can be deployed in much the same fashion.  Users can run a scan – literally in seconds – and receive a nearly instant report on their energy and stress levels.  This can be an incredibly important means of assessing how exercise, diet, and any outside influence impacts your health and wellness.  Thousands of individuals around the world use Bio-Well ™ to guide them in their daily routines with respect to stress and energy and, as a result, the software that drives Bio-Well ™ has been consistently improved year after year – and those improvements and upgrades are incorporated into the existing platform seamlessly.

How Energetic Tuneup Helps YOU

The Bio-Well ™ GDV camera is an integral modality at Energetic Tuneup.  Not only is it used to help quantify the real benefits of any given treatment or sequence in before and after imaging, it may be used as a stand-alone session for anyone wanting to get a snapshot and 28 page report of where they are in that moment.