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The Miracle iQube


Scalar energy can be harnessed to improve many aspects of an individual’s health.  The Miracle iQube takes decades of research and puts the power of scalar energy in your hands – literally!  There are two critical components at play here – scalar energy and the power that every person holds in their brain.  Not only does the Miracle iQube harness the power of Scalar energy, it also serves to help users “train” their brains to direct energies wasted on stress and negativity and flow that energy into the frontal lobe – where the real power of the mind and the energies of the brain lie.

This brain training is made more robust by the flow of scalar energy and is critical to reach an elevated level of flow. This powerful brain wave frequency helps you achieve gamma, theta, and alpha states of mind. Left frontal lobe activation will switch on the neural, emotional, and physical resonance so you can see the success in front of you.

The Miracle iQube makes this training and flow faster and easier than ever before and represents a revolutionary step forward for health, wellness, and a fullness of life that we are all looking for.

Some of the many powerful pre-programmed frequencies/sessions include:

  • Energy Clearing
  • Wellness
  • Concentrate and Focus
  • Digestion and Schumann Resonance
  • Heart Opening
  • Pineal Activation and Gamma Bliss
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Emotional Balance

Treatments featuring the Miracle iQube and scalar energy can be custom-tailored to the needs of individual clients.  The most popular – and successful – methodology is, of course, individual sessions coupling several modalities.  At the same time, we haveexecuted successful and powerful group sessions, coupling Sound Cloud Therapy  and a powerful group meditation.

For those in the San Diego area who own a practice in the wellness field and would like to experience the true miracles that happen when this energy is generated 24/7 in your environment, consider a Miracle iQube complimentary trial!