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Restorative Sound Journey (Group & Private)


Completely surrender as you journey into otherworldly dimensions facilitated by the frequencies of chakra colored/tuned crystal singing bowls, crystal harp, and the transcendent vibrations of multiple exotic and chakra-tuned didgeridoos transmitted via sound healers Kim Elaine and Pablo Ledesma.

The sound experience will last approx. 90 min. including a brief introduction and explanation of sound healing, a journey through the 7 energy centers (chakras) both as a group and individual transmissions, followed by a symphonic gong bath and a final integration back into the body with the soothing tones of the oceanic drums.

Some of the many scientifically proven benefits of receiving a “sound bath”-

  • Promote Deep Relaxation & Relieve Stress/PTSD
  • Break Up & Release Energy Blockages
  • Connect to Highest Creative Energies
  • Shift Subconscious Beliefs
  • Boost Immune System
  • Heal on a Cellular Level

*Please note- Individual Customized Sound Journey with Kim includes crystal singing bowls, gongs, crystal harp and other miscellaneous instruments. 

Pablo Ledesma & didgeridoos available at group events and private sessions, please inquire for contact information.